Young mathematicians

Preparing for Exams ?

1. Be sure to use the exam requirements, recommended literature and sample exams. The exam requirements, which includes a list of literature and the sample exams can be found by selecting the exam of your choice on our exam overview.

2. Complete the sample exam first without consulting the answers. Then make sure to carefully read and understand the feedback.

3. Make sure to allow for plenty of time when travelling to the exam location.

4. Enter an exam well-rested.

5. Start with the easy questions. Do not get stuck on difficult ones, but put those questions aside and return to them later.

6. Often, first impressions are best. Therefore, do not change your answers unless you are absolutely certain that you have made a mistake.

7. Read the question very carefully. Consider what precisely is being asked. If the question demands four arguments, then give four, not three or five. Do not write more than required in the hope that the people marking the exams will select the correct answers.

8. The so-called ‘Open exam questions’ demand that you compose the entire answer yourself: make sure you write clearly.

9. In the case of multiple choice questions: think of your own answer first before looking at the answers listed on the page.

10. When you are finished, check carefully whether you have answered all the questions.


Control your temper
Mind your tongue
Strengthen your thoughts
Shun your bad qualities
Avoid your tensions
Deepen your skills
And you are sure to improve concentration

SECRETS OF SUCCESS ( I found it in my room)
Roof said : Aim high, Fan said : Be cool, Clock said : Every minute is precious Mirror said
: Reflect before you act, Window said : look at your surroundings, Calendar said : Be up-to date
and Door said : Push hard to achieve your goals